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WEWORK – Pixel Led

Design, planning and implementation of Pixel LED lighting on the building

Exterior lighting on buildings is a transformative element that goes far beyond mere functionality; it is a key player in the narrative of urban landscapes and architectural identity.

Skillfully designed outdoor lighting not only ensures safety and navigability but also significantly enhances the aesthetic appeal and visibility of structures, turning them into iconic landmarks that capture the imagination.

The strategic application of such lighting can amplify the architectural merits of a building, create inviting spaces for communities after dark, and elevate the perception of brands and businesses housed within. Moreover, with advancements in technology, energy-efficient solutions like LED systems contribute to sustainable development goals, making exterior building lighting an essential, multi-benefit facet of modern architecture.

Architectural lighting a office building

Office Tower Lighting: Why WeWork Knows What It’s Doing

When it comes to office lighting, some people think that it doesn’t matter what the outside looks like. It’s true that you focus on the employees, and the exterior architectural lighting doesn’t help them see better. However, having an LED lighting decoration on the outside of the building can be beneficial in many ways.

Benefits of Exterior Building Lighting

Before you can even start contemplating the outdoor building lighting ideas you want to use, it’s important to understand the advantages of exterior LED building lighting. When you’ve got architectural façade lighting, you can get noticed more. People are going to see that stately structure looming tall, and the lights are going to draw their eyes to it. Even if they don’t know what you do or what goes on inside, they’re interested in finding out. This means you may see an influx of people using your services.

If someone is interested in leasing some office space, WeWork is a great choice. Since it has beautiful office building lighting, it makes itself noticed more than other structures. The name is outlined in title lights, too, so it’s easy for people to look up the building and find out what it does. When they need to rent an office space, they now know where to go!

Lights are often comforting to people. Office lighting can provide that soothingac glow that people crave. When they see it all lit up with pixel LED lights, they’re going to be more relaxed. Ultimately, it becomes a symbol for the city. When it shines at night, it’s a beacon. Once it becomes familiar, people expect to see it, and it often draws a smile from them. Because it’s so well-known, the lighted building brings a sense of peace.

Those who live nearby are going to see it and know they’re almost home. As people leave their offices at the end of the night, they breathe a sigh of relief knowing, that the day is over and they can go home to be with their families.

What Are Pixel LED Lights?

Office lighting for the exterior can include many different types of lights, but pixel LED lighting is a top choice. When you look at the WeWork building at night, you can see the structure clearly. Though there’s tube lighting around the entrance, there are also tiny dots of light at each window intersection. These are the pixel LED lights, and if you look for a long period, you can see that they turn on and off and seem to move.

How does that work? It’s all about the architectural lighting systems in place. The pixel LED lights are installed in the areas you want. For the WeWork structure, they’re at each window corner. Depending on the building itself, you can have them spaced closer or farther apart if there are no windows.

Ultimately, the lights are turned on and can use different patterns and colors. The WeWork building often shows up as yellow and blue lights, and they can also turn on and off in a sideways ‘wave’ pattern or up and down. They can even ‘move’ diagonally in different shades, too.

Many companies like to use LED lights for decoration, and the WeWork building is a good example of how that works. Regardless of the time, you can see the show. Though it may not be as grand as the Eiffel Tower lighting up, it’s still a great little feature for those passing by in the area.

It attracts the eyes, so even if you don’t work there, you notice the building. In a sense, we call it impact architectural lighting because that’s what it’s meant to do. With these lights, you can bring attention to your building and make an impression to get noticed.

Why You want Building Lighting Effects

With something like this, you can do almost anything. Pixel LED lights are the wave of the future, and they can do so many interesting things. Though you’re not going to use it for safety purposes, it’s similar to the Empire State Building lighting show. It’s designed to get attention. Office lighting isn’t just about protection and safety for the people inside. You’ve also got to think about attracting people to you. Whether you’re hoping to hire new people and find new talent or getting your brand out there, this is the best way to do it.

The architectural lighting design used is actually simple in nature, but it can become complex to wire everything and get it set up. This is why you’ve got to work with an architectural lighting designer. There are plenty of them out there, so there are many to choose from. However, this also makes it harder for you to pick the right one.

Most of the time, architectural lighting companies focus on practicality, but that’s not the only thing to consider. You also want the building façade lighting to amaze and impress everyone in the city. That is the best way to make an impact and have others notice you. It shows that you’re a staple in the community and that you’re here to stay.

With so many façade lighting design concepts, it’s hard to pick one. However, from the WeWork building, you can clearly see that you’re not limited to pixel LED lights. You can choose tube lighting around the entrance, lighting for safety so that people don’t trip while walking inside, and title lighting to highlight your brand.

In a sense, commercial building outdoor lighting is designed to draw the eyes and get you noticed. Even children are going to be amazed at the show they see. As they get older, and your building is still part of the city’s infrastructure, they’re going to remember you. Ultimately, they may choose to work for you or be inspired by your office lighting.

You can also use the outside lighting decoration for Christmas. Just change the colors to blink red and green, and throw in some silver and gold for good measure. It’s a great way to show your support for the community, the holiday, and the people who work in those offices.

Building lighting design is all the rage, but you need the right architectural lighting design firms on your side. Arc Illuminations can help with your office lighting needs. We can do all sorts of things, and the WeWork building is proof of that.

Just look at the beauty and regality coming from the structure. While casinos and ‘flashy’ companies tend to use pixel LED lights, even more sophisticated buildings can be lit up and gorgeous.

Architectural illumination is our top priority, and we’ve taken on various projects. Some of them are smaller, but the WeWork structure shows you just what we’re capable of here at Arc Illuminations. We listen to you, take your ideas, and turn them into reality.

You may not know how architectural lighting works, but we’re pros. If there’s something you want to do with lights and aren’t sure how or if it’s possible, just ask! Pixel LED lighting is becoming all the rage, but we also take on other projects. Now is the time to consider office lighting for the outside of the building. You’re going to be amazed at the results and find that everyone notices your structure more than the others!

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