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Decorative Architectural Lighting for Building: Tips & Ideas

One of the most important things to do when you are in the field of competitive business is to attract customers and convince them that you and your products deserve to be chosen by them. And one of the best ways to do this is to make an impression or an image that they can use.

Impressing your customers should be one important project for you to capture their attention in order for you to convince them. One of the most common means of impressing customers is to make your building extra stunning. Most of the time, clients would like to see well-built and sleek-styled buildings in order for them to know that they are transacting with credible businesses.

This is why most business owners take their time and money on their establishment’s landscape. They would want to make sure that the image and experience that their company wants to provide to their clients is astounding. Thus, these business owners are very particular about the look of their building first, including its floor and ceiling.

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With the current track today, business owners, especially in Canada, do not only focus on landscaping their establishment by day but also by decoratively lighting it by night. It has come to their awareness that a captivating and stunning light at night will definitely make a big impression not only on their current customers but also on their prospective ones. This is where the knowledge of architectural lighting to decorate a building is most useful in Canada.
So without further ado, we will now provide you with your much needed experience on architectural lighting products and some tips and ideas for your light source to work perfectly with your architectural design.

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Architectural Lighting Design: An Overview

In general, architectural lighting is an illumination of a building’s design, space,a nd look. It is a well-blended combination of art and technology. It is art because it requires professional architectural touch, designs and perhaps image. Also, it t is technology since it involves specific lighting techniques.

It should also be remembered that decorative architectural lighting, for example, does not only serve to give light to a space, room or interior. It is also a way to enhance its architecture in order to create and promote a harmonious spatial experience. It creates, integrates, organizes and imagines lighting that function as a coordinated system. this is made to factor the benefits of natural light, electrical light, or even both so as to support and improve human actions.

A design for architectural lighting products also depends on some factors. Some of the lighting design that needs serious consideration is to know the particular type of the area to be illuminated, the amount of light needed, and the perfect light color to harmonize with the overall design of the interior or area. Knowing all of these will surely let you track and let know the particular products that you need for your design. Through it, you will see that you are on the right track.

Tips and Ideas for the Best Architectural Lighting

If you want to see and experience using the best architectural lighting to make your establishment to have a modern image and stunning design at night and to attract more customers, the first thing for you to do is to decide on the areas, interior, space, room or fixture that you want to have proper form of illumination. Know which area or spaces require the best lighting during the day and see which only need low light during the night.. Most businesses and manufacturers give importance to title light or illuminating the name of their business establishment. This does not only serve to impress but to imprint a good experience on customers.

Moreover, architects use certain techniques in architectural illumination in order to emphasize the image of a building. Here are some of the most common architectural lighting techniques and products used for building and other areas, exterior, room or space by many architects.

Spot/Accent Lighting

In this technique, landscape spotlights are light products used to focus on certain areas or objects that may highlight their focal points. This usually may be one way to make a sparkling image to your company. If you want your clients to see an important design, fixture or product, give it the perfect spotlight that it needs. The light will also play an important role in relaying important information about your company by putting an accent light on your best-selling products.


This technique is typically used to emphasize the texture of an object such as a tree bark, a magnificent door, wood shingles, and the likes. Since it mainly focuses on texture, this is not recommended for smooth spaces. Some manufacturers produce grazing light products for the kitchen to give it a dramatic space.


This lighting technique is used in order to create interesting shadows on vertical surfaces such as walls by projecting the lighteither in front or below. This kind of technique is also ideal for linear lighting on a ceiling,, especially those placed in the kitchen.

Cross Lighting

This technique typically uses two or more lights in order to see a three (3) dimensional form of an object in a very striking perspective.


In this technique, soft lights are used in order to create the same natural bewitching effects of moonlight. Some manufacturers intend to produce this by positioning the light source very high up in order in such a way to filter through tree branches and to cast and see an enchanting shadow patterns.

Flood Lighting

This lighting technique is the most commonly used technique by most establishments today not only because of its impressing effect but because of security reasons. In flood lighting, most of your property is illuminated therefore providing a significant amount of light to track visitors and employees at night.

These are only some of the lighting techniques which professionals use in their architectural landscape lighting. Note also that these techniques can be combined in order to create the desired lighting effects. These techniques will surely help in giving the modern image that you would want to give to the space, room, wall, floor or ceiling of our company. If your company has a kitchen, any of the above-mentioned techniques may help in giving it a standard functionality and bring its efficiency.

Architectural Lighting

Benefits of LED Pixel Lighting

Aside from lighting techniques, it is also important to consider the longevity of use of these architectural lighting in your establishment. Think about the number of years that such technologies will work for you. Here is where the importance of LED pixel lighting and its manufacturers come into play.

LED pixel lighting is becoming increasingly popular in architectural lighting these days. This is because of the benefits that it provides to its users. One of the most commonly known benefits of this light source is its energy efficiency. This lighting produce lesser waste light as compared to other type lighting products, and manufacturers also designed these to produce more lumen, which is very useful in energy-efficient operation.

Aside from it being energy efficient, this light also has a longer life span. This means that it is of standard quality and projects to last longer than expected. As a matter of fact, the average lifespan of this kind of fixture is approximately 50,000 hours as compared to the incandescent bulb, which manufacturers designed to only last for about a thousand hours. Hence, if counted by years, the lifespan of this kind of product ranges from six (6) to twelve (12) years before it needs replacing. This is forty (40) times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Including other benefits that you may experience from this lighting product are its designed flexibility, enhanced environmental function, the ability to operate even in harsh or cold conditions, no UV or even heat emissions, dimming capabilities, and low voltage operations. Although quality light might be a bit expensive, with the benefits that you will see when using it, it is worth the price. Besides, you can be sure that you can save more money, energy, and time in the long run while you use it.

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Consult the Professional Manufacturers of Architectural Lighting Products

Architectural lighting is very tricky and has its pros and cons. If you are not well-versed with such a product, you might end up using products from manufacturers with too much light, which may be harsh to your clients’ eyes. Aside from shining directly to the eyes, it might wash out the night sky or emphasize too much light in the neighboring building. Thus, instead of creating a captivating view, you might end up diminishing your imagined landscape lights.

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