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Mivne Shopping Mall, Nazareth

Pixel LED lighting  – Facade Lighting

Exterior lighting, with its symphony of block lighting and pixel LED lights, is more than mere adornment; it is a transformative force that breathes new life into a mall’s architecture, accentuating its form and features with precision and creativity.

At Arc Illuminations, we understand that the clever deployment of such lighting not only highlights the structural beauty of a building like the Mivne Shopping Mall but also extends an irresistible invitation to the community, enhancing the edifice’s charm and beckoning visitors with a warm, vibrant embrace.

This strategic illumination serves as both a beacon and a canvas, crafting an engaging narrative that turns an ordinary mall into a landmark of communal delight and aesthetic wonder.

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Pixel LED with Façade Lighting to Create the Perfect Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are large buildings that often have small shops (boutiques) inside them. Though some people already know what’s inside and are going to go in no matter what the outside looks like, others want to be impressed before they step a foot into the building. How are you going to achieve your goals so that people notice the building and are drawn to it?

Ultimately, the best way to do that is with architectural lighting. There are many façade lighting design concepts out there, but the most popular one is pixel LED lights and ‘block’ lights.

What Are Block Lighting and Pixel LED Lights?

Block lighting can be different sizes, but the most popular shape is the square. You can put these light panels everywhere on the building in various spots to help you create a light show later. Take a look at the Mivne Shopping Mall in Nazareth.

You can see the big blocks of LED exterior building lighting all around. They show up in different areas and can move around at various intervals throughout the night. In fact, they put on a show even when it’s light outside, so when it turns dusk, it’s the perfect time to see the architectural façade lighting.

When you look at the front of the building, you can see the architectural illumination more clearly. It does have a pattern-like appearance, but it’s also a bit whimsical. These light blocks can be changed so that different ones are lit up at a time. With that, you can create almost any pattern or illusion you prefer.

We still haven’t discussed pixel LED lights. When looking at the Mivne Shopping Mall in Nazareth, you can quickly see those little dots of light all over it. These are the pixel LEDs. With the right architectural lighting systems in place, you can make the lights turn on and off in a set pattern. That way, it gives the illusion that the lights are moving all around the building. You can even change the color for the building lighting effects to put on a show that might rival the Empire State Building lighting show.

Most of the time, this shopping mall has the pixel LED lights moving around, but sometimes they’re stationary. They may all be lit up or just a few of them. Regardless, it’s definitely an eye-catcher.

Why Mall Lighting Is Important

Whether you’re hoping to create a pixel LED lighting decoration or not, most people want lights on their shopping centers. For one, they are a safety measure. Even though the lights don’t look big from far away, they can make the area brighter. This is going to help people see where the entrance is and walk safely. That shouldn’t be your only lighting for the property, though. Consider tall lights to illuminate the parking spots and crosswalks for the best safety precautions.

Building façade lighting also makes the structure more noticeable. Everyone can understand the concept behind this. If people see all of the lights while they are driving by, they’re more inclined to stop in and shop. Since you may have many boutiques inside the shopping mall, you want each of them to be supported. When people are interested by the show outside, every store has a chance to get patrons inside to spend money.

On a very dark night, it might be challenging to see the building itself. However, with the block and pixel LED lights, it’s easier to see that something is there. If someone isn’t familiar with the area, it’s going to make them want to stop in and experience whatever it is that is so beautifully lit.

With the pixel LED lights, you can have them twinkle on and off. Change the color and modify the pattern. This ultimately helps you create a scene without being too distracting to drivers. Plus, you can use it as an LED lighting decoration.

For example, a lighting decoration for Christmas could have the blocks of color in red and green with the pixel LED lights in white or gold. It’s definitely going to attract the people passing by.

Children are going to get excited and beg to go there where the lights are bright and beautiful. Adults are going to be enthralled and reminisce about the past. It’s going to put everyone in a better mood, which is going to mean that they want to spend more money at your establishment.

The Options Available

There are plenty of outdoor building lighting ideas available, and you can and should do something unique. However, the Mivne Shopping Mall in Nazareth can show you just what’s possible for shopping mall lighting. The architectural lighting design you choose is going to be different based on the size of the building and what you want to achieve. However, you’ve got many ways to go about it.

Sometimes, it’s too difficult to figure it all out yourself, but when you work with architectural lighting design firms, it makes it easier. At Arc Illuminations, we’ve got the right ideas about things, but we also listen to you. This means you get the best information possible and can then make your own decision.

The ultimate goal is to illuminate the building in the right way. With that, you’re attracting attention to the structure and making people want to visit. You may decide to use block lighting along the top of the building.

Use the company logo colors or use it as a fun outside lighting decoration. Some people even choose to have the blocks change to form letters. That’s a playful and exciting option because you’re putting the business name right on the building for everyone to see and enjoy.

You can’t forget the pixel LED lights, though! They’re one of the best inventions ever and work very well with architectural lighting systems. These tiny dots of light can be all one color or different shades.

This means you can update the architectural façade lighting each night to mix things up. If that weren’t enough, you’ve got tons of façade lighting design concepts to consider. While that is hard to think about, the options are limitless.

You’re going to need the right team by your side throughout. This means finding a façade lighting supplier and the best company to work with. Arc Illuminations has everything you need. We take on projects that are large and small and have done lighting for many buildings. Whether you want a simple system or something grand and big, we’re here to help you on your journey.

It’s always our goal to listen to our clients and help them pick the right impact architectural lighting. Pixel LED lights are a top choice for commercial building outdoor lighting. Though they are small, they pack a big punch. Plus, you can dim them down or brighten them more so that they can be seen by the entire city!

Ultimately, your project is going to be different than the Mivne Shopping Mall in Nazareth. However, that structure does give you an idea of what can be done with building lighting effects and how you can transform your mall into something spectacular and breath-taking. We’re so proud of our projects and can’t wait for the next one!

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