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Structure lighting for office building tower

In the grand theater of urban landscapes, floodlights and exterior lighting play starring roles, casting buildings not just in light, but in prominence and safety. Like a maestro commanding an orchestra of lumens, the strategic use of floodlighting accentuates the unique architectural features of a structure, giving it dimensionality and drama against the nocturnal canvas.

Beyond aesthetics, this radiant armor serves as a sentinel, enhancing visibility and security, guiding wayfarers and deterring the shadows where uncertainty may lurk. Thus, the thoughtful application of exterior lighting is a dual gift to the cityscape—it is both a visual symphony and a guardian, elevating our built environment to new heights of beauty and sanctuary.

The Beauty of a Building Flood Light

Whether you’re hoping to create a lighting decoration for Christmas or you want to have building flood lighting that showcases the structure beautifully, there are many ways of achieving your goal.

In fact, flood lighting for buildings can outline the structure, be made in different colors, and goes the entire length of the building. There have been many structures we’ve given lighting for office buildings, but Shalom Meir is one of the most popular. It stands taller than most of the others in the area, so it needs to be showcased thoroughly.

Architectural lighting like this is designed to wow and impress. People often take buildings for granted, but when they’re lit up like this, they create a sense of awe and amazement. It’s nearly impossible not to look at such tower lighting and be impressed with it.

Different Colors

Most people only think about office lighting for inside the building. The employees need to see what they’re doing so that they don’t get eye strain or headaches. However, the outside of the building is just as important. Everyone marvels at the Eiffel tower lighting up, so why shouldn’t they do that for your structure, too?

The good news is that with the right architectural lighting design, your building can be turned almost any color. LED exterior building lighting is brighter than others, but it also comes in various shades. Most people choose something that accentuates the structure. However, you can change this for different holidays or to match events in the area.

For example, you can do shades of green and red for Christmas, choose red for Valentine’s Day, and utilize your company logo colors. It adds a touch of whimsy, but it also creates a cacophony of light that impresses. Plus, when your company colors are displayed, it’s a reminder to all the people seeing it that you’re there, you’re part of the community, and you care.

Protection and Sophistication

There are a ton of outdoor building lighting ideas out there, but having a flood light for your building is ideal. It’s going to add protection to the space. For example, most thefts occur because the structure is dimly lit. People automatically think there are no security features, so they try to break in. Whether they get inside or not is moot. The goal for the lights is to ensure that the LED façade lighting deters would-be thieves.

You’re going to be amazed at just how sophisticated the structure looks, too. While you don’t have to put on a show, you’re going to light things up and help others see. With the Shalom Meir building, it’s a figurehead within the city. It’s situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, and it’s actually the first skyscraper to be built here.

Since it was erected in 1963, there’s really nothing new about it. However, when you add LED tower lighting, you can change its appearance and get people interested in it once more.

In the daylight, it’s impressive enough because it stands so tall. At night, though, it could easily fade away into the backdrop, and no one is going to know it’s there. With the proper building lighting effects, it comes to life! You can’t help but stare up at it and want to know more about it.

You’ve got to choose the right façade lighting supplier for all of your structural needs. At Arc Illuminations, we care about your ideas and want to provide the best building façade lighting. Whether you hope for flood lights or want to try different façade lighting design concepts, we have you covered. Now, your office building can be lit up and provide excitement to everyone in the area.

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