Bavli Park Tower

Highlight the structure and the headline title

In the bustling mosaic of cityscapes, exterior building lighting stands as a multifaceted tool, casting not only light but also significance on the structures it adorns.

At Arc Illuminations, we harness the transformative power of light to accentuate the unique architectural features of edifices like Bavli Park Tower, ensuring each design element is celebrated and visible from afar.

Skillfully illuminated, the building’s name becomes a beacon, a signature etched against the night sky, offering a landmark presence that enhances brand identity. Beyond aesthetics, this strategic lighting promotes safety, bathing the surrounding sidewalks and streets in a gentle glow, mitigating shadows where hazards could lurk, and granting peace of mind to those who traverse the urban terrain after dusk. Such illumination is not merely functional; it is the embodiment of urban beauty and security, a beacon of both artistry and assurance.


Building Headline LED Lighting

Have you ever gazed upward at skyscrapers at night and wondered how they become illuminated in light? Most people don’t realize that architectural façade lighting is a possibility. However, it’s a great way to change the appearance of the structure and ensure that it’s seen by all.

Some already know how architectural lighting works, but they wonder why it’s required. Do you really need to highlight the balconies, corners, and top of the building? The question can be looked at in different ways, but ultimately, yes. Building lighting effects can do so much for the structure in question and is a great way to showcase the property.

Why Choose to Highlight the Structure

Take a look at Bavli Park tower. Immediately, you can see how the lights make it look brighter. Since it’s one of the tallest buildings in the area, your eyes are immediately drawn to it. For those who are driving or walking by, there’s a sense of comfort to see this impact architectural lighting. You get a warm, fuzzy feeling because you feel the building, you know it’s there, and it becomes a staple in your life.

Exterior building lighting highlights the entire structure. The eyes are drawn to it, and it makes the city look cleaner and brighter. With LED exterior building lighting, you can glance up and know exactly where you are. In a sense, it’s a beacon into the night that tells you everything is going to be okay. Even when it’s rainy or foggy, you are comforted in knowing that it’s not always going to be that way, and the light shines out of the gloom.

Why Light the Headline Title

LED building lighting can be used for various things, but many company/structure owners prefer to use it to highlight the title of the building. That way, anyone who passes by knows instantly what the building is called. This makes it easier to figure out what companies might be inside.

Architectural illumination like what you see on Bavli Park Tower becomes an icon. People expect to see it, and architectural lighting design firms know how to achieve any goal you may have. You can clearly see the lights at the top of the Bavli Park Tower. In fact, the entire upper part is lit up, similar to the Empire State Building lighting show. Instantly, you feel comforted when you look up to the night sky.

This is also a good thing for airplanes. LED façade lighting on top of the building and around it shows the pilots where structures are located. While they probably have fancy radios and gadgets to tell them where buildings are, it never hurts to have exterior building lighting to show that the skyscraper is there and where it ends.

Creates an Illusion

From the Bavli Park Tower, you can see that each corner (balcony) is lit up. LED lights for decoration are a great thing. You can create almost any illusion you want. With this one, it looks like there are pink stairs going from the bottom to the tip-top of the building. However, the outside lighting decoration also shows you how many floors there are. From the side, it looks like the corners are lit up, but when you look directly at the side, you can see each of the balconies. It’s a mind-boggler, but it’s unique and interesting to everyone who goes there at night.

Choosing the right architectural lighting systems is a must, and most building owners don’t know the first thing about getting set up. That’s why they turn to architectural lighting companies like Arc Illumination. Every project we take on is important to us. We take each one and carry it with us in our endeavors. This is the primary reason why people work with us, and we’re here for you when you’re ready to add outdoor architectural lighting.

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