Lampost Decoration

Nowadays, light posts have many functions. The light post is used in street lighting and good for decorating your garden, lawns, and street pathways. Lamppost provides us safety and security, but it also adds an aesthetic appeal to an outdoor space. Having a lamp post can enhance your house’s security, beauty, and value. This article will give you some idea of how you should decorate your lamp post.

A lamp post in your front yard, garden, or pathway provides an ideal opportunity to ass some aesthetics to your landscape. Even a simple decoration you add to the lamp post makes it more unique and festive and will surely draw passersby and neighbors’ attention. The lamppost is great for holidays. Add some glamorous decorations and poo! A beautiful, more exciting holiday festival will be experienced. Lamppost can be used to showcase seasonal holiday events like Christmas. Many decorations fit well with a lamp post. Below are some decorations that will make your lamp post sparkle.

Lampost Decoration

Light Post Decorative Materials

The main use of a lamp post is obviously to illuminate our home or streets. They are put in dim places for us to see. This is mainly the lampost  lighting function, but a lamp post can be an attraction in all holidays. Decorating a lamppost can be amazing and can amaze you throughout the holiday season. Below are some great decorative materials to add to your lamp post to make it more beautiful and add some wow factor.


Lamp Post Decorations

Light posts or Light pole banners are typically used for festivals, holiday decorations, celebrations, and commercials. Banners are great decorative material to add to your lamp post. We are not talking about advertising banners but purely decorative banners. Lamppost banners are fantastic material that can definitely attract the attention of passers-by. Adding decorative banners with personalized holiday messages can bring some good vibes to people. Decorative lamp post banners are an effective way of conveying holiday spirit and warm greetings. This decorative material is highly flexible and applicable for all street lighting decorations.


Ribbons are a very versatile decorative material. Did you know that ribbons bring good fortune? Ribbons can be used on wrapping birthday presents or in Christmas ornament. But it’s also a good material to use in lampost decoration. You can buy this easily at the store, or you can make one yourself. They have a wide variety of sizes and style that is perfect for holiday seasons. Ribbons are available in many colors and materials. Adding ribbon to the lamp post will make it more glamourous and stylish.

Lighting Decorations

There many types of decorative lighting that you can use in decorating lamp posts. Decorative lighting will make your lamppost far better and will definitely add some sparkle that can be praised by your neighbors or passers-by. Decorative lightings come in many shapes and size, so be careful in choosing one as over lighting can ruin the lamp post overall display. Below is some decorative lighting that you can consider.

decoration on city lighting poles

String lights

So what is a string light? The name already implies it means “lights in strings.” It is small electric lights or lightbulbs on a wire, string, or cable. String lights are widely used as decorations and outdoor decorative lighting. An example of a string light is a Christmas light. Adding one to a lamppost to interconnect to another adds an amazing style to it. String lights are available in many sizes. You could wrap them to the lamp post or hung them on the lamp post brackets if they have any.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights and string lights are almost the same. Fairy lights have tiny bulbs and come in an array of different colors. There are two types of fairy light. A static fairy light and multifunction action. This lighting decoration is good for indoor use or outdoor use. Fairy lights are very versatile and can be used as a complementary decorative material. It’s also a trendy outdoor lighting because it’s beautiful and amazing. This light is good for decorating trees, lamp posts and decorations in festival of lights . You can hang it or wrap it and enjoy the amazing light display.

Street Lighting Decorations

Globe Lights

Globe lights are also a good option to add to the lamp post. This light is a bit similar to fairy lights but with larger light bulbs. Globe lights are ideal for outside use and good for decorating your garden, patio, or pathway. This Decorative lighting is often made connectable. This makes it perfect for adding in your lamp post. You can add the needed light to complement the lamp post to avoid overpowering its main light source.

Designer String Light

This Kind of outdoor lighting is also perfect to use in decorating lamp posts. Designer string lights are available in many sizes. Designer string lights or designer party lights are perfect for your backyard. This is also great to use in Lamppost because some of this light is specially made for holiday themes like a person, animal,  and other sorts of things.

Rope Light

Rope lights are encased in a transparent flexible tube. It an ideal outdoor decorative lighting because it’s waterproof. These lights are versatile, almost like fairy lights, but easier to apply to a certain object. You can do creative things using this kind of light like making a shape or a letter and other amazing things. You can wrap these lights to the lamp post pole, or you can hang them. This amazing lighting decorative can produce artwork that will add an amazing look to the lamp post.

Neon lights or light artwork

A small touch of neon light artwork to the lamppost can boost its overall display. A simple neon light word art saying” Merry X-mas” is an eye-catcher. These lights are such a popular way back even today. Many are using this to decorate their homes, clubs, rooms, and many more.

Net light

Net light is also a good idea to put on your lamp post. Net lights string lights that have been connected to form a grid. But you can only put a certain size to the lamp post arm to avoid overpowering light. This decorative light is trendy for outdoor decorating because it’s easy to install in some things like bushes or trees.

Dazzling and Welcoming Effect

Decorating A lamp post can produce a dazzling and welcoming effect on neighbors and passersby. There are many ways to decorate a lamp post from DIY decorative material or buying from the store. Decorating Lamppost has given us more cheerful holidays and an amazing light display. It’s not important whether you’re using cheap lamp post decorations. The important thing is you have given effort, and as long as it comes from the heart, the more it will be appreciated by anyone.


Street lighting decorations make our environment more beautiful and welcoming. Lamppost decoration somewhat became a part of our tradition and culture. Lamppost transforms from a boring pole emitting light to an artwork emitting wonderful light display every holiday or festival.

Most decorative lamppost can be found anywhere like parks and amusement centers, and streets. When Holidays are near, decorated street lights can be seen. All in All, lamp post decoration can give a wonderful ambiance for anyone who wants to spend the night outdoor.

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