Herbert Samuel Hotel – External Lighting

Design, planning and installation of Pixel LED façade lighting

As the evening skyline begins to twinkle, the innovative use of Pixel LED lights on the exterior of the Herbert Samuel Hotel ushers in a new era of architectural brilliance.

These tiny powerhouses of illumination offer unparalleled potential for customization, allowing us to create an interactive tapestry of light that can adapt to festivities, seasons, or simply the pulsing rhythm of city life.

The benefits of Pixel LEDs are manifold; their energy efficiency and longevity stand out, significantly reducing the environmental footprint while providing a vibrant, maintenance-free lighting solution.

Each LED acts as a brushstroke, contributing to a dynamic, luminous facade that not only accentuates the hotel’s architectural features but also engages and delights onlookers, proving that the future of outdoor lighting is not just bright—it’s pixel-perfect.

Hotel External Lighting: Why It’s Necessary

When it comes to hotels, you’ve probably seen some amazing spectacles of light and décor. LED architectural lighting comes in many forms, and one of the top choices is pixel LED lights. The Herbert Samuel Hotel is the perfect example. Even right before dusk, you can see the beautiful display it offers, and there are so many ways to make it your own.

Though this hotel has it all, you’re going to choose different outdoor building lighting ideas for your hotel. Façade lighting can be intricate and gorgeous, and it all starts with the right architectural lighting designer.

What Is Pixel LED?

Pixel LED lights are separate, small, round lights that go on the outside of the building. You can have hundreds or even thousands of them installed. Then, you can do almost anything you want. From the Herbert Samuel Hotel, you can quickly see that the lights can be of different colors and shapes. Sometimes, it goes into an upward arrow style, but at other moments, it’s in a column-style setting.

It’s also possible to make the pixel LED lights into even stripes, have them on a diagonal, or even make circles and other designs from it. Since you can change the colors, it’s easy to get the architectural illumination you want. LED lights for decoration are all the rage right now, and you can achieve this for your hotel’s building lighting effects, too.

What You Can Do with Architectural Façade Lighting

The options are limitless for pixel LED lighting. Since you can change the colors and patterns, you can create almost anything. It’s even possible to have the lights come on and off at different times. Create a wave of light and anything else that tickles your fancy. Building façade lighting doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, all it takes is the right architectural lighting designer to come up with the most appropriate system.

When you’ve got the right architectural lighting systems in place, you can press a few buttons and change the outside lighting decoration effortlessly. In fact, the Herbert Samuel Hotel often modifies the patterns and colors every day. With that, you can have a lighting decoration for Christmas and all major holidays without spending any extra. Plus, you want the building to be lit up at night so that people can easily find you.

Just imagine if it’s dark out and a person is tired and wants to find a place to sleep tonight? Are they going to go to an almost hidden building, or are they going to choose the one that’s lit up and exciting? Most people are going to select hotels with exterior LED building lighting. Whether you decide to add the company colors or just do different and quirky designs, it’s going to get you noticed.

With so many façade lighting design concepts available, it’s important to get the right company to work with. Arc Illumination is a top façade lighting supplier, and we take on projects of all sizes. You’re going to enjoy our services because we care and listen to you. You’re never just a number, and we always respect your time. Ultimately, you’re going to be impressed with the pixel LED lighting we provide to you.

Façade lighting doesn’t have to be utilitarian. Yes, you’re using it to light the space and draw the eyes to your building rather than the competition. However, this means you can do almost anything you want and create the perfect atmosphere for the city and the building. With Arc Illuminations by your side, everything is going to go well. Whether you need ideas or have some already, we’re ready to help you transform your hotel into a vision of light.

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