Outdoor Tree Lighting

Does your property need an extra layer of ambiance? Then, it’s time for you to try different outdoor tree lighting techniques to create a more stunning look on your property.

The outdoor tree lighting is ideal for boosting your garden or yard’s atmosphere. A few blinking bulbs between the branches can already transform your property into a magical setting.

3 Ways for Outdoor Tree Lighting Uplights

Uplighting trees create a focal point for your overall landscape lighting design. However, not all trees are the same. Beware that trees’ position within your landscaping design can impact the illumination. So, you may need to follow some rules when performing this technique.

shape tree lighting

How to Create Uplighting For Small Deciduous Trees 

In most cases, small deciduous trees only require a single accent light. However, it would help if you also considered the viewing angle. When viewed from two angles, two accent lights can benefit the tree.

With the canopy-aimed method, the fixture must gaze at the trunk while pointing up into the canopy to ensure the best results. 

Medium Deciduous Trees 

You can always try the cross-lighting effect for medium deciduous trees. You can use a single 60˚ accent, but it is recommended to use two 35˚ lights. That is because they focus more concentrated lights into the canopy.

It’s important for you to be able to position the accent light properly to ensure they will gaze at the trunk directing on the canopy.

tree up light

Large Deciduous Trees 

A large deciduous tree, usually 60-100 feet, may need a combination of accent lights with varying angles. At the tree’s base, you should pace one 15˚ accent light to highlight the trunk up to the area where the branches start.

You have to place 2 to 3 accent lights, either 35˚ or 60˚, away from the trunk, ensuring they point into the canopy. You also need to place 1 t 2 accent lights in the canopy. 

You need to use a tree-mount junction box for every light in the canopy. Ensure that it features stand-off screws, allowing room for trees to grow. Every junction box offers a mounting location for every accent light. 

You have to run the wire up the least-visible or non-visible side of the trunk. Then, fasten to the trunk using cable clamps, ensuring that the wire still moves with the tree. You also need to leave extra wires at the base of the tree, allowing it to grow.

Larger Deciduous Trees

You can place two accent lights with 60˚ beam spread light to the tree on two sides. As a result, there will be a 360˚ visual interest. 

With larger deciduous trees, ensure that the fixtures are placed farther away from the tree’s base. They must shine directly onto the tree instead of aiming up into the canopy.

Tree Downlights 

Downlighting trees is subtle. If you want to create a welcoming and delightful outdoor space on your property, this outdoor tree lighting solution is a perfect choice. 

For tall trees, this technique imitates the moonlight’s impression. A gentle breeze enables you to see the branches and leaves’ shadows playing on the ground.

down lights

How to Create Downlighting 

First, you have to identify the large deciduous tree that acts as your landscape’s focal point. Go for a tall, large tree with branches starting high up. Next is to place the small VLO 60˚ accent light at least 4 ft above the branches’ lowest tier.

You can experiment with the right direction to create shadows with the branches underneath by pointing the accent light downward. Feel free to place the light higher or lower. However, you still need to avoid scenarios like the lights are blinding or visible from below or the lights are buried at the back of too many branches. 

Wrapping Trees Lighting

Wrapping trees with lights is an excellent and creative way to elevate your outdoor space’s atmosphere regardless of the season.

Wrapping Trees Lighting

How to Wrap Trees with Lights 

Step #1

First, you need to create a ball of lights for easier wrapping. Then, connect the plug to the power source at the tree’s base. If you want to save time, you can purchase a pre-balled light set.

Step #2

Pass the ball of light around the trunk. Note that you have to leave space for wrapping back down if you want to.

Step #3

Once you reach the first string’s end, you need to plug the be string in. Then, continuously wrap up the trunk into the branches. You can go higher if desired.

Step #4

Now, it’s time to secure the final string end by tucking it below the nearby light wrap. You can also utilize a zip tie for an effective fastening onto the branch.

Additional Tips 

In most cases, trees are wrapped with the trunk length and around 3 to 4 high in the extending branches. You do not need to wrap every branch. You have to be extra careful to ensure an eve, pleasing light distribution when choosing branches.

If you are unsure how many lights you need, measure the tree trunk and branches’ circumference. You also need to determine the spacing between each light bulb. For example, LED lights with 6 inches of bulb spacing are famous for wrapping branches and trunks.

If you want to create a fantastic scene with a few string lights, you can wrap each tree 6 to 8 inches around. However, keeping every wrap closer together lets you achieve an intense and full coverage look.

You have to plug all the light strings to ensure they are working. Winding each light string into a ball shape will save you time by not dealing with tangled or loose tangled when installing it. Keeping the lights pulled tight allows you to create tension. It also helps prevent the strings from slipping down the trunk. 

Hanging Tree Lighting Decorations 

Whether you wish to create picture-perfect tree lighting for social gatherings or attract the crowd with your creating tree lighting decoration, you have to plan it carefully. That way, you can prevent the lights from falling prematurely. 

If you have limited outdoor space, decorating outdoor trees with lights can still display an inviting atmosphere. You can choose from different hanging tree lighting decorations when decorating your outdoor trees. 

Here are three handing tree lighting decorations you might like to consider on your next exterior lighting project:

Meteor Shower Rain Lights

You can achieve a magical feel on your property with meteor shower rain lights. The meteor effects they offer also create a beautiful and romantic feel. 

Every bulb’s light turns on and off one by one in series to create a falling snow or meteor shower effect in the night sky. These hanging tree lights will transform your outdoor space into a magical world.

Here’s how you can decorate your outdoor trees with meteor shower rain lights:

shower lights

Test the Light Strings

The best time to test the light strand is in the evening since you can instantly know if all lights are working. You have to remove each bulb and plug the string into the outlet. 

If you see that it illuminates, you better go. Ensure to try each bulb. After ensuring that all strands are working, you can start creating a string of light around the tree trunk close to the main electrical supply. 

Lay Out the Cord 

Laying out the cords is the next step, where you will need plenty of cord if you plan to decorate large or several trees. You also need to ensure that the power strip is adequately covered.

Wind Up the Tree Trunk 

If your trees are wrapped with meteor shower rain lights, they add a festive and welcoming touch to your patio, porch, or yard. Choose trees that are straight as possible. They should also be tall enough for optimal lighting effects.

If you want to figure out how high the lights will be, you can tie a string around the trunk. Then, wrap the trunk in meteor shower rain lights. The more lights you use, the more beautiful your property will be. You can hand the lights at different heights for layering effects.

Run Up and Down the Branch 

You can loop the lights around several branches. Then, you have to run the extension cord over the tree trunk. Use a fishing wire to hold each end of the cord. If you want an illusion of height, you can tie a single cord end to the higher branch. 

Secure the String 

When securing the light strings, you have two options. First, you can use outdoor staples to tie the lights. You can also hang the lights on the branches with hooks.

Hanging Lighted Shapes

You can use hanging lighted shapes to add fun to your tree lighting product. The best thing about these lights is that you can choose from different shapes. 

shape tree lighting

How to Decorate Outdoor Trees with Hanging Lighted Shapes

If you are excited to decorate your outdoor trees with hanging lighted shapes and provide your property with an eye-catching look, you can follow simple steps.

First, ensure to protect the trees from potential damage or burns by checking the lights. These lights must be free from burned-out bulbs and marked for outdoor use. Make sure sufficient strings before you start decorating each tree.

At the base of the tree, secure the extension cord. Wrap the string into a ball. After that, you can start unraveling when you move up the tree trunk. Next is to plug another light strand into the first and secure both using electrical tape. Then, you can wrap the branches.

Keep wrapping the tree branches. Since you do not need to cover every branch, you can turn on the lights periodically. That way, you will see how they look. Do not attach more than three strings to a single extension cord to ensure safety.

Outdoor Lighting for Trees – Create Outline 

Outdoor lighting for trees – Creating a tree outline is one of the best ways to make your outdoor tree lighting unique and attractive. 

lighting tree outline

For example, you can try green lights that come with neon-like effects. Aside from looking unique, they also offer a more minimalist and contemporary look compared to traditional white lights. Plus, they are perfect for those looking for not too bright lights in the outdoor space. 

First, you have to choose the lights you wish to use. In most cases, smaller bulbs are more suitable since they easily create an outline and highlight the tree’s natural symmetry without overwhelming.

If you want to ensure that you will have enough lights for this purpose, you have to measure and calculate. 

You can begin by measuring the trunk’s circumference and then the height. You also need to determine the space you want for each wrap of lights around the tree trunk. The popular spacing is 2 to 3 inches apart.

For example, the trunk is 6 feet long with a 4-foot circumference. Then, the spacing between the wraps is 4-inch. 

  • 6 ft (the length) x 5 (number of wraps per foot) = 30 feet 
  • 30 feet x 4 feet (the circumference) = 120 feet 

Therefore, you need 120 feet of lighting for wrapping the trunk. You also need to calculate the length of each branch you want to wrap. Then, add all together.

You can start wrapping at the base of the trunk and ensure that the male plug is placed at ground level. Next, use the same process when wrapping the branches. Ensure to wrap the trunk and branches fairly tight. Do not forget to use handy tree clips and zip ties to hold the wires in place, especially since wind can cause bending and swaying of trees.

Benefits of Outdoor Tree Lighting

Property owners have their unique reasons for installing tree lighting. Here are the top benefits you can enjoy from outdoor tree lighting.

Even after the sun goes down, you can still make your outdoor space functional. If you keep your outdoor lighting unattractive or limited, your property will not have the similar appeal it has during the day, or dark corners may cause safety hazards.

That is why investing in outdoor tree lighting is one of the best decisions for your property. You do not need to break the bank to reap all the benefits because tree lighting is affordable and would not hurt your monthly bills. 

Improved Aesthetic 

With outdoor tree lighting, you can enhance your property’s natural energy and beauty. It creates an attractive ambiance while illuminating pathways and highlighting the charming features of your building.


Aside from aesthetic benefits, you can also install outdoor tree lighting to improve security on your property. Intruders will hesitate to go near your property since you can easily spot them. You can elegantly design your trees to improve property security without compromising style.


Outdoor tree lighting offers enough illumination that allows everyone on your property to move around safely despite the darkness. These lights will guide you through the pathways to quickly find the destination you want to reach. The lights instantly illuminate dangers, including tripping hazards like water features pools or curbs. 

Enhance Property Value 

Creative exterior tree lighting helps add more value to your property. It effectively adds beauty while increasing the usability of the outdoor spaces after dark.

Remember that one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your property value is to boot its curb appeal by installing outdoor lighting. Then, you can update it with a quick coat of paint for the best results. 

Outdoor Tree Lighting Company 

Not everyone has the skills to decorate their trees with beautiful lights creatively. Fortunately, you can hire a professional outdoor tree lighting company.

Speaking of an outdoor tree lighting company, Arc Illuminations is a trusted company when it comes to top-notch quality illumination solutions, including outdoor tree lighting. The company is committed to providing its clients with the best possible lighting experience.

Arc Illuminations focuses on careful lighting planning, illumination design, and expert lighting project execution. The professional team meets the clients to talk about different ideas regarding the lighting project. They want to ensure that the client’s taste and personality reflect the results. You can share your ideas, and they will help you make them a reality. 

With outdoor tree lighting companies like Arc Illuminations, you do not have to get a ladder and install the fixtures yourself – let the professionals handle everything for you. Aside from installation, they can also help with the proper maintenance. That way, you can enjoy the b benefits of outdoor tree lighting for a long time.

On top of these, the services are affordable. Investing in beautiful outdoor lighting should not overstretch your pockets. Arc Illuminations offer outdoor tree lighting services that suit your budget.

Whether you want to achieve a winter wonderland-like outdoors or add an elegant touch in every corner of your property, you can always rely on Arc Illumination. Do not hesitate to work with the professionals!

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