Outdoor Lighting for Garages 

Uses of Exterior Lighting for Garages

Outdoor garage lighting plays a critical role in improving security and curb appeal for residential and even commercial properties during the day and night.

However, before choosing outdoor garage lighting, you have to determine the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) fixture rating. Since the focus is outdoor lighting, you can choose from two ratings: damp- and wet-rated fixtures.

You can go for damp-rated fixtures for outdoor areas without direct snow or rain exposure. They can also handle dampness and moisture and are ideal for kitchens, screened porches, covered patios, and carports.

Meanwhile, wet-rated fixtures can withstand salty ocean breeze, snow, ice, and heavy rain. They are an intelligent option for pergolas, gazebos, lanais, verandas, exposed decks, and garages.

Property owners invest in outdoor lighting installation for garages for various reasons, such as:

Outdoor Lighting for Garages 

Improved Safety 

Garage outdoor lighting helps reduce crime. Having enough illumination in your garage area lets anyone see wheel stops, curbs, irregular spaces, and other features that can cause accidents.

If you own a commercial building, outdoor lighting for garages makes your customers feel safe while reducing the risk of falls. As a result, they repeat business because of the safety you provide.

More Aesthetic Appeal 

Aside from making people feel safe, outdoor garage lighting can also change people’s moods. Since lighting fixtures offer daylight experience in your garage area, people experience an authentic and psychological feel.

They even feel that mood when the illumination is sufficient. The outdoor lighting also makes the garage more upscale and attractive.

Outdoor Lighting for Garages 

Excellent Lighting Performance 

In most cases, property owners choose LED lighting options. LEDs do not only reduce massive electric costs but also help property owners save money from maintenance costs. They provide functional light due to the way they generate light. They also have a longer life compared to HID bulbs.

Lighting performance and energy savings are critical to effective lighting. LEDs provide evenly distributed lights, meaning the light levels across a specific area vary less between the fixture mounting surfaces.

Increased Property Value 

If you plan to sell your home or commercial property in the future, installing garage lighting helps increase property value. Potential buyers will assume that staying in your property is safe and secure. 

Improving the light schemes in your garage area improves the aesthetic look of your property. It is good to note that aesthetic value will also attract buyers. With improved safety, security, and aesthetics, you have a better chance of selling your property quickly and good cost. 

Functional Lighting: Line-Powered Vs Solar-Powered Floodlights 

Outdoor Lighting for Garages solar vs line

Outdoor lighting for garages is one of the investments offering plenty of valuable benefits, from improved safety to aesthetic value. 

You can choose from different types of outdoor lighting fixtures for garages based on your preference and goals. And one of the most popular choices is the floodlights. 

In a nutshell, floodlights are lights with adjustable angle beams. This means they can be rotated to focus on particular areas. You can mount them on poles, walls, or structures or install them in the ground. 

Property owners often use outdoor floodlights to aim light on fixed items, like flagpoles or monuments. You can also illuminate large areas, including parks, sports fields, parking lots, or playgrounds. 

Floodlights will help you improve safety in your garage’s dark areas by making it easier for anyone to see potential hazards that may lead to falls, trips, or slips. These fixtures enable people to enter and exit the garage with ease. They also discourage vandalism, crime, and property damage. 

When installing floodlights, you have to select the location and determine the nearby power source in your garage. Since you will install the lights outdoors and can be exposed to different weather conditions, ensure that the location is safe for the installation. 

You have to cut a hole so that the fixture will fit the installation area. Then, run the electrical wiring through it. You also need to connect the fixture to the nearby power source. Then, you need to test the lights and adjust features accordingly. You can consult professionals if you are unsure about the lighting installation.

Meanwhile, you can choose between line-powered floodlights and solar-powered floodlights for your garage outdoor lighting needs.

Line-Powered Floodlights 

As the name suggests, line-powered floodlights get power sources from electricity. These lights offer multiple benefits, such as:

Efficient Performance 

By installing floodlights, particularly the LED ones, you can remove the hassle of changing out bulbs from time to time. Since they use low amounts of electricity, you have nothing to worry about your electric bill. They will help you save as high as 75 percent less compared to conventional bulbs. 

Bright Lights

Floodlights provide natural sunshine’s bright light reminiscent, making it ideal lighting for garages. Even after the sun goes down, you can clearly see everything in the garage area.


It is always crucial to have safety in mind when it comes to property safety. Line-powered floodlights are safe to use. For example, LED floodlights do not radiate heat, reducing the potential for fires. They also lack highly breakable filaments, which makes them a durable option.

Effective Home Security 

One of the best ways to improve the safety of your property is by installing a garage outdoor lighting system. Floodlights installation offers an added security measure on your property. For example, you can install motion-activated floodlights to spook off potential intruders and prevent them from entering the garage area since it is covered in transparent and bright light.

Works in Tough Weather Conditions 

You can rely on line-powered floodlights in terms of tough weather conditions. These lights work in unfathomable cold unbearable heat and any condition in between. Plus, their longevity is so high.

Line-Powered Floodlights

Solar Powered Floodlights 

Solar-powered floodlights can illuminate large spaces, including your garage or parking lot. They provide enough illumination to make anyone feel safer in the area. 

Here are some reasons why property owners switch to solar-powered floodlights:

Cost-efficient and Energy Conservation 

Unlike conventional floodlights that consume considerable amounts of energy resulting in high operational costs, the solar-powered counterparts will help you save energy and money. These lights provide a similar brightness level as traditional ones but at a lower cost.

Since they do not operate on power grids, they are a cost-effective solution for your garage. After installing them on your property, you do not have to deal with high electricity bills. You will save a significant amount of money over time.

No Toxic Elements 

Mercury is present in traditional fluorescent light bulbs that can harm the environment and human health. If you choose floodlights, you have nothing to worry about toxic materials. Aside from being recyclable, you can also dispose of floodlights without special handling.

Motion Sensor

You can find some outdoor solar floodlights with motion sensors on the market that regulate the amount of light according to people’s movement in and around. These lights can run continuously and use less energy compared to continuously running fixtures.


5 Ideas for Holidays Lighting Decorations 

As the holiday season gets closer, you may think of different lighting decorations. Don’t worry, here are some ideas you can try for your holiday lighting decorations:

Make a House Outline 

Do you have Christmas lights at home? Then, you can use them to outline your home. If you want to transform your property into a gingerbread house, it is recommended to use lights with large bulbs. You can creatively outline the doors, windows, and roof to create a stunning light display with a little vintage vibe.

Wrap Your Home with LEDs 

Do you always hand light strings around your home every holiday season? Then, it’s time to try something new! The power of LED will help you to bring more festive charm to your property. You can wrap your house with LED lights. The best part is experimenting with different styles and settings to achieve the eye-catching Christmas display.

Use Net Lights 

Understandably, not everyone has time to decorate their property with different holiday lights. So, if you want to save time from putting light decorations, you can use net lights to add brightness and life. These net lights hug your bushes to create a simple yet beautiful display. These lights will provide a holiday charm to the front yard without having to do much.

Create a Tropical Holiday 

The best thing about light strings is that you can use them in wrapping your home and in your trees. If you live in an area with palm trees, you can create a tropical paradise despite the holiday season. Use light strings to wrap the palm trees and other trees in your yard to bring a tropical holiday spirit. Then, expect a different kind of bliss and charm every time you gaze at your outdoor space.

Create Christmas Light star

Another fun way to decorate your home is by creating Christmas light star that you can hang on your patio, open deck, or pergola. You have to wrap the light strings around the circular frame, ensuring completely covered. Then, use metal strings or ribbons to hang them.

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