Welcome to ARC Illuminations

What We Do

At ARC, we specialize in lighting and decor design, offering a comprehensive solution that encompasses design, planning, and execution.

As a premier lighting design and decor company, we excel in creating innovative and captivating environments.

Our services include architectural lighting projects that enhance buildings’ aesthetics, city enhancements with both illuminated and non-illuminated elements, unique city sculptures that add artistic value, decorative street poles that combine beauty and functionality, and commercial space decorations that transform business environments.

Our all-in-one approach ensures seamless integration from concept to completion, delivering outstanding results every time.

Who We Serve

We proudly serve a diverse clientele, including:

 Government authorities 
 Public institutions
Local municipal authorities
 Sport venues
 Real Estate Developers
 Malls and Outlets 
 Sites of conservation / Antiques
Churches and monasteries
Private clients

Our Partners

We collaborate with industry leaders to provide the best products and technologies.

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