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Stadium LED Pixel Lighting: Illumination at Its Finest

Everyone wants to focus on their building lighting effects because they want things to be illuminated and magical for those involved. A stadium is the perfect backdrop to bring all of your outdoor building lighting ideas alive. There’s just so much you can do with it!

Typically, stadiums are in an area with few other buildings. This leaves more room for parking and ensures that the cities don’t get too clogged up with traffic. Because of that, it’s so much easier to use LED lights for decoration. In fact, you can do almost anything you want, as long as it fits in with what’s going on in the stadium.

Teddy Stadium

Teddy Stadium

Take Teddy Stadium for an example. This gorgeous building is in Jerusalem, Israel, and is considered a sports stadium. Currently, three football teams use it. These include the Israel National Football team, Hapoel Jerusalem, and Beitar Jerusalem. In the daytime, the architectural greatness is laid out for anyone to see. However, most of that gets hidden when the sun goes down. The only way to illuminate it is to consider the right exterior building lighting.

At night during football games, you can often see the colors of the team playing. With the building lighting design used, the pillars all around the structure are lit from the outside. This gives the fans the light they need to see where to enter. However, there is also plenty of lighting at the top. Such architectural façade lighting can be changed to meet any needs.

It’s possible to see footballs moving across the band-like length of the exterior at the top. The lights can also be changed to show different colors in stripes and diagonal lines that move across it.

If that weren’t enough, the architectural illumination can also be seen from inside the stadium. Certain points are lit up, making it glow into the night. People on nearby streets or in close buildings are sure to know when a game is about to start.

Illumination for Holidays and Events

Just as you might feel when seeing the Eiffel Tower lighting up, you’re going to be amazed to see the stadium all lit up. It usually happens all at once, and the building itself is illuminated throughout the night, even when no games are going on. Generally, it’s considered a staple in the area.

There are tons of outdoor building lighting ideas you can come up with to use the structure to its fullest potential. For example, you can create a lighting decoration for Christmas and have all the lights be red and green. You can even include holiday trees and other special pixelated pictures to show off the building and remember the holiday season.

It’s usually a good idea to work with an architectural lighting designer. They’re going to help you get the right architectural lighting systems for all of your needs. In fact, the stadium could be an outside lighting decoration throughout the year. Make it have dancing hearts for Valentine’s Day or showcase whatever is going on in the community.

Be Part of the Community

Exterior architectural lighting for a stadium is a great way to become part of the community. The fans are going to go wild when you showcase their favorite team’s colors. However, you’ve also got an LED lighting decoration that can be used all year long. It can even contain words, which means you can let others know important game information and the like. We think that impact architectural lighting is a great thing. It brings everyone together. Adults are going to get just as excited as the kids when it’s game night. Even if they don’t get tickets or get the night off work, they can still feel like they’re part of the big picture. In fact, they are likely to smile and may even find a little spring in their step while working


Owning a stadium means shelling out tons of money for insurance. You want to make the area as safe as possible for everyone who attends the event. LED architectural lighting is the best way to do that.

When you look at Teddy Stadium, you can see the pillars of light that go from the ground to the top of the structure and the overhang. This style of façade lighting might also be called building flood lighting. Regardless of what you call it, the lights indicate where people should be walking to enter. These lights can be seen from other areas of the parking lot, so it’s possible to use them to walk by.

When you choose the right façade lighting supplier, you know that everything is going to get illuminated effectively. The LED building façade lighting is also a safety feature, so you may be able to lower insurance premiums because you’re protecting the fans and visitors.

Exterior LED building lighting can actually be linear architectural lighting. With that, you use long lines of lights that are hooked to the pillar or hung overhead.

You’ve also got the top lighting that goes all around the overhang. This type of building façade lighting can show different things. You can point out the entrances, and the lights are brighter. That way, people can use them to see where to walk to get inside safely.


Most sporting events have vendors selling goods. They may be inside or outside, but the goal is to have everything illuminated effectively. Commercial building outdoor lighting can be used as a way to get vendors to sell items from the stadium itself. You sell them a space, they set up a booth, and make a lot of money in the process. They can sell almost anything that relates to the team playing that night. With exterior architectural lighting, the vendors can see to set up, and the fans can see what’s on offer. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

You can change the colors of the building lighting, too. Make it whiter so that people can easily see their money and the goods on offer. It also makes it easier for people to see where they’re going. From dusk, until people start showing up, you can use the LED lighting decoration to show your support for the team and get everyone excited about the upcoming football battle.

Where to Go

You can find many architectural lighting design firms to work with, so it can be hard to know where to go. However, Arc Illuminations has everything you could possibly want. We’ve got the right façade lighting design concepts, so you always know what’s achievable and how to get it done.

This means having the right systems in place, and we make sure to listen to your needs and get things done right. Ultimately, each project we take on is our main focus. We’re there with you from start to finish and answer your questions along the way. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your LED exterior building lighting.

Life is too short not to light up the building the way you want. However, it might be a good idea to get the fans involved, also. Ask them what they wish to see. That way, they feel more connected to the stadium and want to support them.

Consider outdoor wedding lighting decoration ideas, too. You never know! Die-hard fans are sure to want to get married at the stadium. This is a great way to boost revenue and create memories.

Building exterior lighting doesn’t have to be boring. When you choose Arc Illuminations, you get something unique and customized to meet all of your needs. Other architectural lighting companies can’t compare to what we do. On top of that, we care about your needs and make sure that you get the LED façade lighting you crave most.


Do you own a stadium and want to impress the fans and visitors? If so, there’s nothing better than using architectural lighting works of art from Arc Illumination. You’re going to be so impressed with the change it brings, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Once it’s finished, the entire city is going to be amazed at the style and appearance of the building. In fact, you may want to work on getting published in an architectural lighting magazine to show the entire world what you’ve done.

Outdoor architectural lighting is a beautiful thing. Though it can be primarily for functionality, there’s nothing out there that says you can’t make a bold statement with the lights you choose. Go ahead and have footballs dancing along the top of the stadium! Include words like “win,” “fight,” and “go for the goal.” It’s just going to rile up the fans and get them more excited about the game.

First-timers who visit are going to be amazed, and it’s going to keep them coming back for more. You’ve probably seen of or heard of the Empire State Building lighting show; now you can create your own in your city. We’re here to make it all happen the way you want. Call today for more information!

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