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LED lighting for Sderot Stadium

Stadium Illumination: Why You Need It

Owning a stadium is a great way to show your support for your favorite teams and bring in plenty of revenue. However, you’re also in charge of getting people amped up for the game, so it’s important to use the right tools. Ultimately, stadium illumination is a great choice. Building façade lighting is essential for many reasons, and we’re going to discuss them below:

Show the City You’re There

When you first visit Sderot, you instantly notice the Sderot Stadium. If you arrive at night, it’s a beacon that shows you it’s there, and it isn’t going anywhere. Everyone who lives or travels to the area is going to notice the building façade lighting. Children are going to see it all lit up and want to go. Adults are going to remember past visits and consider going again. It’s a great way to show everyone that you’re there.

Stadium lighting flood lights

Exterior LED building lighting comes in many forms. Sometimes, they use tube lights or pixel LEDs. When you first arrive at Sderot Stadium, you can see the title lights showing the name. It’s right on top of the building, and it can be seen from far away.

Ultimately, you can do anything with the building lighting effects. The Sderot Stadium is fairly straightforward with its architectural lighting system. Other than the title lighting, the building uses LED lights to change the colors. You can see yellow, pink, blue, and white.

However, sometimes, it goes a step further and uses two different shades, such as blue and yellow. These help to show people you’re there and put your name out there. In fact, people might pass by just to see what it is and why it’s all lit up. From there, they may choose to stay and watch a football game.

Attract People to the Stadium

Teddy Stadium

The ultimate goal of exterior building lighting is to attract people to your establishment. For a stadium, you want to be all lit up at dusk before the start of the game. That way, people are reminded of you and may try to get last-minute tickets to be part of the fun.

If they can’t go to a game right then, the architectural façade lighting can still remind them of you for future needs. For example, you may choose to keep the exterior LED building lighting on all the time. Use your company logo colors when there aren’t any games going. Then, change to the team’s colors on that night. It’s a reminder to everyone that you’re there. Plus, if they’ve been there before, they’re going to reminisce about the excitement and joy they had last time. In a sense, you’re bringing back memories that they may want to recreate!

You’ve also got to consider the kids who may be with their parents. As they drive by, the children are going to see that beautiful architectural illumination and want to go there. They may beg, and it might fall on deaf ears initially, but the parents are going to remember that experience and could choose to get tickets for a different game in a few weeks. You’re promoting yourself with the right architectural lighting design and can rest easy knowing that it’s doing its job.

Be a Familiar “Face” within the Community

Most stadium owners want to be known within their city as community members. It’s important that everyone supports you so that you make money and help the teams. With the right architectural lighting systems, you can show your support for the teams and be a presence in the city.

With time, everyone is going to enjoy seeing the lights come on at night. Whether there’s a game or not, the entire community is going to be brightened, and your stadium is going to be a beacon to all. People are going to come in and see it lit up and smile. Those who work nearby are going to pass it wearily on their way home, knowing that they get to see it again the next evening.

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In a sense, everyone’s going to see and experience the stadium illumination. It becomes a staple and a welcome sight. However, to accomplish your goals, it’s important to have the right architectural lighting designer. Whether you want building flood lighting, tube LEDs, pixel LED lights, or something else, Arc Illuminations can assist.

We’ve been helping companies with their exterior building lighting needs for a while, so we know what to do. There have been many projects, and each one is our pride and joy. Whether it’s something small or large, you know you’ve got the right person for the job. Where other architectural lighting companies fail is at the listening stage. With your façade lighting design concepts and our skills, everything is going to look great and be completed on time and within your budget.

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