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Kiryat Ono-Water Tower Lighting

Pixel LED lighting on the Kiryat Ono water tower

In the bustling core of Kiryat Ono, where urban life pulses unceasingly, the stoic water tower rises—a symbol of communal life and utility. By night, however, this edifice sheds its daytime guise, thanks to Arc Illuminations’ visionary artistry, as it blossoms into a radiant beacon of splendor and technological wonder. This transformation is not just a change of light but a metamorphosis of purpose and perception.

In this article, we will unravel the layers of this luminous marvel, a project that stands as a testament to our deeply held belief that within the bones of every urban structure lies an epic waiting to be illuminated. Here, at the Kiryat Ono water tower, light becomes the narrator of an untold urban tale, revealing the soul of the city through the enchanting language of LEDs.

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The Amazement of Light with the Kiryat Ono-Water Tower

Everyone knows what a water tower does. It effectively provides households and businesses within the area with enough water to cook, clean, and do daily activities. These towers are often high structures, and they may look simple in their design but you can change that with Water Tower Lighting.

Generally, the water tower within a municipality is there for a specific purpose. It doesn’t have to look good, and most people within the town could care less. They are often tall, skyscraper-style buildings that hold the water and treat it as necessary. Plus, they have computers and other things inside to give the employees information about how much water is there, where it’s going, and much more.

You’ve probably got a water tower nearby that you see every day. It blends into the scenery and gets forgotten with time. However, this is a waste of a good building. With pixel LED lights, you can easily transform the water tower into a work of art.

Why You Want Lights on a Water Tower

Most people wonder why water tower lighting is a big deal or necessary. It’s a building that probably doesn’t get much use except for the employees. People don’t go to it to get their water allotment for the day, so there’s no reason to light it up, is there?

Architectural lighting doesn’t have to be about practicality. When it’s all lit up, people are reminded that the building is there and present. You want this because a lot of work and money went into making the structure. If it gets obscured by the night, it becomes invisible. That indicates that no one notices it or cares about it. With time, that can mean when it needs maintenance, the people aren’t focused on donating or giving city money to make it happen.

Tower lighting can also be a décor feature for the area. If it is all lit up, everyone can see it at night. However, this means that you can use it as an LED lighting decoration. It’s possible to change the lights, such as those on the Kiryat Ono Water Tower. Ultimately, it can go from red and green to purple and blue. In fact, you don’t have to light up every pixel LED. Some of them can be dark to create an illusion or picture of your choice. This works well when used as a lighting decoration for Christmas. Plus, you can change the colors of each pixel LED, so they are all different.

What Can You Do With Water Tower Lighting?

The options are limitless when it comes to water tower lighting. Leave it all one color so that each pixel LED is the same. If you do that, the tower shines brightly into the night. It becomes a symbol to the city that the water is there and flows freely to the residents. This makes people feel comforted and more relaxed. They know it’s available when they turn on the tap, and they can prove it to themselves whenever they want.

That’s not all, though. With architectural façade lighting, you can make each row or column of pixel LED lights a different color. From close up, it might not look that amazing, but from far away, everyone gets to see a gorgeous display.

High tower lighting doesn’t have to be a challenge. It’s up to you to decide how far away each pixel LED is placed. You want them spaced so that each light is separate from the other. That way, the pixelated look shows up from very far away. The lights don’t bleed together, which adds an interesting feature and gives uniqueness.

There are countless outdoor building lighting ideas out there, so it’s important to find the right façade lighting supplier. This means that you don’t pay too much for the lights and can get them installed professionally. With that, you also get to talk about your ideas and gain more insight. When you’ve got that advice, you can easily see what needs to be done and can take care of it faster and without as much effort on your part.

The Magnificence of the façade lighting design concepts

It’s important to consider various façade lighting design concepts, but pixel LED lighting is a great choice for most towers. Just stop for a moment and be in awe of the Kiryat Ono Water Tower. Regardless of the color choice, you’re transported from a regular city into a work of art. When you look at it from far away, you can see that it doesn’t really blend into the overall appearance. It stands apart, even though there are other structures nearby. In a full city of lights, it is still a focal point that makes people marvel and exclaim in excitement.

How is this achieved, though? It’s all because of the pixel LEDs. From far away or up close, you can see the little dots of color on the tower itself. Each one is separate from the other. What this means is that you can control each pixel LED and change its shade or turn it off completely.

It ultimately becomes an outside lighting decoration that you can use to your advantage. Focus on the Kiryat Ono Water Tower lighting. There have been times where a few sections (rows and columns) have stayed dark. When it’s done correctly, it can add a new dimension to the tower and give a great ‘show’ to everyone. Sometimes, the pixel LED lights are shaded out in various sized blocks or might all be the same size in length and height. It creates a different illusion each time and can make it look like a castle tower or anything else.

Plus, the pixel LEDs can be different colors. You can have all pink, blue, red, or any other color you can imagine. In fact, you can make each row or column a different shade. The brightness of the pixel LED can also be altered. Sometimes, you may think that some of the lights are a bit smaller and almost appear like stars from far away, while others look bigger and produce a bit more light. This gives a different style and appearance to the tower and makes people take notice.

With the right architectural lighting designer, you can achieve the same for your high tower. It’s going to become the focal point of the city, and everyone’s going to be amazed at the light show. In fact, people might stop what they’re doing to watch the lights come on each night, similarly to what they do for the Eiffel Tower lighting up.

The options are limitless, but your pixel LED exterior building lighting is going to amaze the entire city.

Where do you go to get this? There are many architectural lighting companies out there, and Arc Illuminations has you covered. We offer the latest technology when it comes to architectural lighting systems, and we care about your needs. In fact, we’re always here to listen to your ideas and thoughts. When you’re ready to start the project, you know we’re right by your side. With pixel LED lighting, you can create something amazing and beautiful that everyone’s going to notice. Though you might have a different idea than what was done on the Kiryat Ono Water Tower, it’s going to be just as eye-catching when we’re at the helm.

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