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Tower title lighting

As the sun dips below the horizon, the true spectacle begins with the illumination of the Hachsharat HaYishuv Tower, a towering edifice that not only reaches skyward but also shines as a beacon of innovation in building and tower lighting.

The strategic installation of lights by Arc Illuminations does more than just showcase the tower’s architectural prowess; it elevates the building’s status to a landmark, a glowing symbol of modernity and progress.

Our lighting design not only enhances the tower’s sleek lines and imposing structure but also contributes significantly to the safety and security of its employees and the surrounding area. By casting light where it’s most needed, we create a safer, more welcoming environment that invites admiration and interaction, thus cementing the tower’s role not just as a part of the city’s infrastructure but as a central, shining jewel in its urban crown.

Tower Title Lighting: The Many Advantages

Everyone seems to wonder what title lighting is. In a sense, these are LED panels that can go anywhere to provide building lighting effects. While there are countless examples of tower lighting, it’s important to focus on a particular building. The Hachsharat HaYishuv is a building that houses the Israel Land Development Company. It’s a conglomerate of real estate, energy, hospitality, and construction industries.

The structure itself spans 1,600 square meters for each floor and has 40 stories. It’s a beautiful skyscraper that shows you just what is possible with outdoor architectural lighting.

You’ve got the tallness of the building, and you can see the corners and lines for each floor effortlessly. However, when you look closely, you don’t see any architectural façade lighting except what’s on top. With so many outdoor building lighting ideas, it’s no wonder that title lighting is popular, but it also offers many benefits.

Tower Title Lighting

Illuminate the Name

Title lighting is often used at the top of the building and should go all around it. That way, it illuminates the name of the structure. Often, these buildings have a lot of different offices inside that may or may not get used at night. Regardless, it’s easy to see what the building is called. Since it’s likely going to be a skyscraper, you can see it over the rest of the structures, making it stand apart from the crowd.

Safety Concerns

If you’re in a skyscraper, you know that the high tower lighting you choose is important for building safety and for your employees. Tower title lighting, which goes around the top, isn’t going to do much for the bottom. However, aircraft that fly above it can appreciate the lights so that the pilots know where to go. Remember, these skyscrapers go way up into the sky! No one wants to see a plane crash into it accidentally because the pilot didn’t know it was there.

Exterior LED building lighting can also go down the entire length of the building. This is going to help illuminate it so that everyone can see it. However, there should also be lights toward the bottom where employees may be entering and exiting the structure. That way, they can see where they’re going.

Also, thieves are less likely to try and break into buildings that are illuminated effectively. If you’re interested in building lighting, consider talking to architectural lighting design firms. They can discuss your office building lighting, which may include linear architectural lighting, building flood lighting, and much more.

tower lighting


LED tower lighting is nothing new, but more and more companies are starting to use it effectively. When people see the outline of the building, they are impressed. They realize just how much the company cares about the community by lighting it up.

High tower lighting is also great for kids. They are always amazed at the lights and might imagine themselves sitting on top of the building or working there one day. Often, commercial building outdoor lighting is seen as a decoration, but it does many other things, too.


You may not want to do the same as the Eiffel Tower lighting up at night, but you do want to have architectural lighting works for your structure. It’s important to choose the right architectural lighting companies to help get the job done. If you were impressed with the Hachsharat HaYishuv Tower and its tower title lighting, now might be the time to consider your own lighting needs.

At Arc Illuminations, we offer façade lighting design to help you achieve your goals. You can tell us about your ideas or let us walk you through the process. Your employees and the people around you are going to thank you for your ability to illuminate everything.

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