Architectural lighting for the hotel

Hotel Architectural Lighting

There is nothing more welcoming than getting to your hotel so that you can rest and relax. It’s fun going on vacation, but it can get a little hectic. While most patrons don’t really pay attention to the building’s lighting effects, they do miss it if it isn’t there.

Though you probably aren’t going to focus on the outside lighting decoration, you do want it to look good. Take a look at the Grand Court Jerusalem. It’s a gorgeous building, but it’s hard to see it at night. That’s why it’s important to get the right outdoor building lighting ideas, and this structure has everything you need and want.

Exterior Commercial Building Lighting

Focal-Point Lights

From the moment you glance at the hotel, you can see the building exterior lighting that showcases specific areas of the building. The lights at the front of the structure show the beautiful design of the bricks used to make it. While that’s very noticeable in the daytime, it’s a challenge to see at night. With the right LED architectural lighting, you can see some of the finer points, regardless of the time.

Ultimately, it’s important to get the right impact architectural lighting. It’s going to showcase the building so that everyone can enjoy it. Plus, if that’s where you’re staying the night, you’re going to feel welcomed before you even pull into the parking lot. In a sense, it’s comforting because the building is tall, it’s all lit up, and you can see it from the road.

Flood Lighting

Building flood lighting doesn’t get all the recognition it deserves. When you look at the Grand Court Jerusalem, you immediately see that certain points are highlighted in light. The owners didn’t use different colors, but your can when considering your own building lighting design. It looks regal enough for royalty, but it’s a great place for families to stay on vacation, too.

The tower part at the front doesn’t have that much light on it at the top because the owners wanted to focus on a different aspect. LED façade lighting can be seen all around the arches on each floor. You can’t easily see inside, which gives the patrons privacy, but you get a better idea of what the structure looks like. This is all created with LED architectural lighting.

Ultimately, there are many ways of creating architectural illumination, and the Grand Court Jerusalem is the perfect mesh of light and beauty. Since each arch is highlighted and there are many arches, people passing by get a good idea of what it looks like. The sheer size is enough to impress, and the building façade lighting helps you see it better.

Headline Lights

There are many façade lighting design concepts out there, and the Grand Court Jerusalem uses many of them. Headline lighting is what’s seen at the very top of the rounded tower-like part of the structure. Exterior building lighting doesn’t have to focus on the sides or corners. It can also be used to showcase the top of a building.

Ultimately, it can be seen from miles away. Therefore, even on a gloomy night, it’s a beacon to all the tired travelers. If that weren’t enough, the lights go around the one side of the building at the top to showcase the name. This is a great way to promote your business because the LED lighting decoration stands out from the crowd. When you have other buildings nearby, you’re going to find that you are set apart, and people notice that structure more than the others.

The Palette of Dusk: Color and Contrast

The color of the light is a critical component of our design philosophy. For the Grand Court, we chose a warm, golden hue, reminiscent of Jerusalem stone in the setting sun. This particular color was not chosen at random; it echoes the city’s golden aura, a characteristic that has earned Jerusalem the moniker of the ‘Golden City’. The choice of this hue also serves a dual purpose: it complements the natural color of the building’s facade while also providing a stark contrast against the night sky, allowing the hotel to stand out in the city’s nocturnal landscape.

An Oasis of Tranquility: Atmosphere is Everything

The atmosphere created by our lighting design is one of tranquility and warmth. The strategic placement of lighting fixtures produces a soft, diffused light that reduces harsh shadows and creates a welcoming environment. This effect is particularly important in a city like Jerusalem, where the day’s hustle transforms into the evening’s calm. The lights invite passersby to pause and admire, to take a breath and soak in the serene ambiance that the Grand Court now exudes.

A Beacon of Innovation: The Leading Edge of Lighting Technology

At Arc Illuminations, we are at the forefront of lighting technology, and our work on the Grand Court Hotel showcases some of the industry’s most cutting-edge techniques. We utilized energy-efficient LED fixtures that provide high-quality illumination while minimizing our environmental footprint. These lights not only last longer but also offer superior control over color temperature and intensity, allowing us to create a dynamic lighting experience that can adapt to events and seasons without compromising on aesthetic or performance.


You’ve got to work with a professional to install the right architectural lighting systems. With so many architectural lighting companies out there, it’s hard to find the best one. However, Arc Illuminations is a great choice. We focus on your preferences and work with you to achieve your lighting goals. Plus, we take great pride in each of our projects and offer the best customer service possible. When it’s time to add exterior architectural lighting, we’re here for you.

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