Highlight the hotel structure and the balconies through lighting

Lighting Contours for the Hotel: The Advantages

It’s important to showcase a hotel in the best way possible. You want people to be drawn to it so that they know where to go and how to get there. Ultimately, you’re trying to create a place of comfort and relaxation, and architectural façade lighting is the best way to achieve your goals.

There are plenty of hotels out there with the right building lighting effects, but the Artist Hotel is one of the top choices. Though it seems streamlined and modern, it also plays on the many outdoor building lighting ideas that other companies have used.

Slim Lines

The exterior LED building lighting depicted in the Artist Hoel showcases slim lines. In fact, the tubes are quite large, but from a distance, they look smaller. Ultimately, the goal here isn’t to overwhelm people with lights. Instead, you’re focusing on creating an outside lighting decoration that also helps to draw people’s eyes to the structure.

There are countless architectural lighting design options, but the owners of the Artist Hotel chose to make it streamlined and slim. While it might not provide the wow factor that other buildings have, it makes the building appear stylish, modern, and elegant. Even though it’s a neutral color and the lighting inside isn’t that flashy, you still get illumination and a feeling of warmth, which only light can bring.

Highlight the Structure

The primary goal for any hotel building owner is to bring architectural illumination to the structure. Ultimately, the easiest way to do that is to use outdoor building lighting the right way. With so many façade lighting design concepts, it’s easy to get confused. Therefore, it’s best to work with architectural lighting companies to ensure that you get things done right.

Clearly, you can see the Artist Hotel is highlighted. It’s nothing fancy, and the exterior LED building lighting is slim and modernized. However, this was the ultimate goal for the company. As a hotel owner, you want to show that you care and light up the building for safety and aesthetics. However, you don’t want to appear showy or flashy.

Showcase the Balconies

Impact architectural lighting is a great thing. When looking at the Artist Hotel, you clearly see the LED lights for decoration that go all along the building in horizontal lines. They’re showcasing the balconies, which are clearly defined now. Exterior building lighting can be used to highlight any aspect, and hotels often outline the balconies as a way of saying ‘you’re here!’

Not only does it make it look better and can be seen from far away, but it’s also a safety measure for the patrons. Commercial building outdoor lighting should illuminate the space enough so that people can see what they’re doing. If you were on the balcony, you might have a soft glow from the exterior architectural lighting in place. This means you can see what you’re doing, but you can also gaze outward over the city and be impressed with the views.

Multiple Colors Available

When you choose the right façade building supplier, you’re going to find that LED lights come in all sizes and shapes. You’re typically going to use tube lights to go around the structure and highlight different floors or the top.

The good news is that architectural lighting systems can use different colors. A quick look at the Artist Hotel shows you what’s possible, as each floor’s shade is different. You’ve got some pinks, yellows, and other colors that all come together to create a light show.

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