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In the grand theater of urban landscapes, the role of exterior lighting is pivotal; it’s the art of first impressions, the herald of experience, the accent that turns architecture into a statement.

As dusk blankets the sky, the exterior lighting of Mall Hof emerges as a masterstroke of design and function, a testament to the ingenuity of Arc Illuminations. The gentle glow that graces the mall’s façade does more than merely reveal; it transforms the structure into a landmark of light, a testament to the power of illumination.

As the creators of this luminous experience, we at Arc Illuminations recognize the multifaceted benefits of exterior lighting. Beyond the allure of aesthetics, it serves as a beacon of welcome, enhancing safety, guiding visitors, and sculpting the night in ways that resonate with the ethos of the establishment.

The lights of Mall Hof thus become a silent ambassador, speaking volumes about the brand and the space it illuminates. It’s not just lighting; it’s the manifestation of the mall’s heart and soul, visible from afar, inviting the world to partake in the marvels that lie within its walls.

Mall Contour Lighting: Stand Apart from the Crowd

Everyone loves going to the mall. There are quirky shops, great food, and you can walk around and people-watch. However, as the owner, it’s up to you to show people you’re there. Most malls are large, roaming spaces that are clearly seen throughout the day. It’s hard to miss it when there’s a huge building right there in your face. You can see it as you come off the highway or drive by and see nothing but happy people scurrying in to buy things.

What happens at night, though? The facility fades into the darkness. Sure, there may be a few parking lot lights, but people pass you by. That isn’t going to happen when you have exterior building lighting! Most people wonder why they need architectural illumination for a mall, and here are the many reasons:

Light Up the Night

Take a look at Mall Hof in Israel. It’s a huge commercial center and has about 40,000 square meters of space with four office towers and much more. The commercial building outdoor lighting features are plentiful here. Clearly, you can see the name of the building from the title lighting. It also uses various façade lighting design concepts. There are headline lights at the top of the building, the names of the stores are lit up, and there are building lighting effects all along it to highlight the arches and other structural designs.

You can’t pass by this building at night without noticing it and being inclined to go in and shop!

Be a Beacon

With architectural lighting, you’re a beacon to those outside. Everyone who passes by in their vehicles has their eyes magically drawn to the building. It’s so brightly lit that anyone who sees it wants to stop in. Even if they don’t need anything, they still want to visit because it looks inviting and exciting.

This can only happen with the right architectural lighting designer. Arc Illuminations focuses on building lighting design and uses the best architectural lighting systems to make everything work. We care about our clients and their projects! Plus, we have a great façade lighting supplier that focuses on low-cost and high-quality options.

Show You’re Open

Whenever it’s dark outside, most people think retail shops are closed. There may be a few dim lights on inside, and the windows could be tinted to protect the people inside. Therefore, it’s hard to distinguish which companies are open. When you have LED architectural lighting outside, it’s easy to see that you’re ready for business. The doors don’t close just because the sun goes down!

You don’t even need an ‘open’ sign on the door, though you could add one into your building lighting design. Just being all lit up at night with exterior architectural lighting is enough for people to know you’re there and ready to serve them.

Give Focal Points

Outdoor architectural lighting isn’t just to show you’re open. Some mall owners leave the lights on all night, even after they close. They may change the colors or dim them a bit to indicate that they’re not serving, but there’s still a focal point happening. If people can’t shop right then as they travel by, they’re reminded of that mall and may make it a point to visit during regular business hours.

There are tons of outdoor building lighting ideas to consider. You may have various ‘welcome’ spots in the mall, such as a water fountain. Light up the water so that it changes colors and amazes people. Sure, they are there to shop, but you want them to come back.

Regardless of your building lighting needs, Arc Illumination is here to help. Check out what we did for Mall Hof and get ideas about how we can help you!

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