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Airport Terminal External Lighting

Architectural Illumination at Its Finest with Terminal External Lighting

Have you ever been to an airport? Whether you’re coming in from somewhere else or going to pick someone up, you’ve probably seen these bland buildings. They look utilitarian because they’re there for a specific purpose. However, there’s no reason that you can’t add some terminal external lighting to attract people and make the space a unique and exciting place to be.

What is it about pixel LED lights that transform a regular building into something beautiful and amazing? Well, take a look at the Terminal 1 of Ben Gurion Airport. The ‘windows’ are all darkened, and then, BOOM, you can see dots of light. They all come on at once, but they can also use a specific pattern and glimmer in the night.

With the right building lighting design, you can transform your terminal into a breathtakingly illuminated space.

Airport Terminal External Lighting

Reasons to Consider Terminal External Lighting

The inside of the terminal has to be brightly lit to show people where to go and give them direction. However, LED exterior building lighting is also a possibility. Why is it needed, though? You only go to a terminal when you’ve got business there.

This ultimately means that you’re not going to visit the airport unless you’re traveling or picking someone up. Therefore, should you spend all that time and money to get the architectural façade lighting that pixel LED lights can offer?

Pixel LED lighting at Terminal

The answer is yes! Airport terminal external lighting is needed for various reasons. For one, it shows everyone where you are. While they are going to follow the signs to get there, it’s still the beacon their eyes inadvertently search for when they’re arriving. It lets them know they’re on the right track.

Another reason to consider commercial building outdoor lighting is so that they are reminded of your presence. They may not immediately think about taking a trip, but it’s always in the back of their mind. Ultimately, they may decide they need to plan a vacation and are going to use that airport to get where they need to go. Subconsciously, terminal external lighting makes them think about travel and using that airport to do it.

There are different ways the pixel LED lights move. You can have them start outward and come inward with an arrow shape. This ultimately showcases the terminal and points people in the right direction.

With so many façade lighting design concepts, it can be hard to pick the right ones. However, we think that Terminal 1 of the Ben Gurion Airport does things right.

Initially, you’re going to see the high tower lighting, which is brightly lit and features different patterns. This is where the controllers stay to direct the aircraft. There is also building exterior lighting for each gate so that you can see where to drop off passengers.

From there, you can find the linear architectural lighting pointing you in the direction of Terminal 1. Some of the lights stay on, but others can shift and move. If that weren’t enough, you can choose architectural lighting systems that allow you to change the color of the light. This means you can use it as an outside lighting decoration.

Airport Terminal External Lighting

The Benefits of Building Façade Lighting

With terminal external lighting, you probably aren’t going to use it as a lighting decoration for Christmas. Instead, you’re using it as impact architectural lighting to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re in a secluded area or right in the middle of the city, everyone is going to see the lights and be comforted. They’re going to know they’re on the right track and on their way to their destination (or to pick someone up).

There’s nothing wrong with using the pixel LED lights as part of the décor, though. In fact, it could be your signature look, and everyone’s going to see it and be reminded of you.

It’s also a safety feature because the terminal external lighting can show people where to go. They aren’t going to get confused and risk missing their plane. If they’re there to pick someone up, it’s much easier to know where they’re going to come from and how to get there.

Ultimately, there are many advantages of having terminal external lighting. While title lighting shows people the name of the building, pixel LED lights can be used to attract attention, show directions, and much more.

Airport Terminal External Lighting

You probably want both for your terminal external lighting needs, and there are so many options for architectural lighting design. In fact, it’s best to work with a professional architectural lighting designer because they know what they’re doing.

With that, you’re going to be amazed at just what can be done. They might have ideas you haven’t considered. You’re probably not going to mimic the appearance of Terminal 1 of the Ben Gurion Airport because you want to be different.

The outdoor building lighting ideas you come up with are going to be much different because you may be in the city or have other needs. Still, it’s a great piece of work that has taken the area by storm.

Everyone notices the beautiful lights and is reminded of the airport and its ability to take them far away from their regular lives. Even if they can’t get away now, they can still imagine walking into the terminal with the beautiful lighting and save the money to go on vacation later.

Whether you want pixel LED lighting, title lights, or something else, finding the right architectural lighting companies to work with is important. Arc Illuminations is a top choice for your architectural façade lighting needs. We handle all types of lighting projects and care deeply about our clients.

When you choose us, you know you’re going to get the best service possible because we listen to your preferences. If there’s something you crave and aren’t sure if it’s going to work, just talk to us. It’s likely possible, and we’ve got the right tools and façade lighting supplier to make sure it’s done right and the way you want it to be.

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