Airport Terminal External Lighting

Architectural Illumination at Its Finest with Terminal External Lighting Have you ever been to an airport? Whether you’re coming in from somewhere else or going to pick someone up, you’ve probably seen these bland buildings. They look utilitarian because they’re there for a specific purpose. However, there’s no reason that you can’t add some terminal […]

Kiryat Ono-Water Tower Lighting

water tower lighting pixel led

The Amazement of Light with the Kiryat Ono-Water Tower Everyone knows what a water tower does. It effectively provides households and businesses within the area with enough water to cook, clean, and do daily activities. These towers are often high structures, and they may look simple in their design but you can change that with […]

Rothschild 65 hotel illumination tlv

Bathe Your Hotel in Lights A hotel is a beacon to those who are tired. People travel for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they’re on vacation or they’re on business. There could be a time where a person is out a little too late and is too tired to drive the rest of the way […]

Architectural Lighting – Mall Hof

Mall Contour Lighting: Stand Apart from the Crowd Everyone loves going to the mall. There are quirky shops, great food, and you can walk around and people-watch. However, as the owner, it’s up to you to show people you’re there. Most malls are large, roaming spaces that are clearly seen throughout the day. It’s hard […]